How we came to LUXURY ESCAPE…

One of the goals for the year 2016 for us is that every day we have a particular topic, so you know what you can expect new on the blog. Test topic – Something new every day – he really got a great response and many of you wrote to us that you really liked the idea and that the texts are great. Many of you have even began to write their new stuff . As noted in this year we are less than a month, so we are pleased 🙂 Yeeey we have solved Monday successfuly 🙂 And now luxury escape and tuesday.. 😉

Now the time has come for Tuesday! Ruminating we think , we googled … Anything we could think of … And then something happened as EUREKA. Well we all need a little luxury in life, right? Whatever is given to usin week, year, this little luxury always know how to fix a lot of things.

What could be LUXURY ESCAPE from reality?

Perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind is blue sea and a resort hotel, but luxury is not just money and glitter. Sometimes a luxury is kiss, more free time, a vacation, massage, steam bath, a good piece of jewelry, leather wallet, 3 hours alone in a hot bath, resort hotel away from the world, a quiet evening with a book …. It’s all in nowadays luxury. Most of these things you can afford, but you not do it, because, believe it or not you can not remember to do that. Well, we are here to remind you 🙂

We want you to enjoy LUXURY ESCAPE!

For today LUXURY escape from realitywe prepared THAILAND. A beautiful country that just can not leave anyone indifferent. Palm trees, turquoise waters, exotic sweet fruit at every step, mystical temples and peaceful people, elephants massage and tai food, lively nightlife, a paradise for sportsmen … Really sounds like paradise because there is not anything you can imagine and it can not experience on this island. And thusbeauty you can see on pictures …


lamai beach

According to our research, the best place for honeymoon and couples who want romantic and relax the best is Islands Cocos – Koh Samui. They say it is an ideal too travel from September until December, before the unbearable heat. The most romantic hotel, which is absolutely all visitors agree that it is best for couples seeking romance is Silavadee Pool Spa Resort, whose beauty and serenity pictures speak louder than any text.


silvadee 1

silvadee 2

How can you bring Thailand into your home?

You can sort out the yard so reminiscent of this beautiful landscape. Sea can replace your fountain which you can create alone – only required is imagination, stones and water.

You can not afford a luxurious massage with scents of these areas. You can buy coconut oil and enjoy all its benefits. For example, you can put coconut oil as a hair mask. A beautiful scent will not forget for days 🙂

You can create your own mini temple in your home that will remind you that always need a little more to relax and treat yourself with something nice.

You can cook Thai food.


You can make an exotic fruit salad, to sit back in a comfortable bed, close your eyes and relax with the sounds of the sea or the music from these regions.

Enjoy your luxury escape for this week 🙂


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