sta raditi u decembru - WHAT TO DO IN DECEMBER

Start a december magic!

December is a wonderful, magical month, the most beautiful of all in the year, regardless of whether you are summer, autumn, winter or spring child. December is a month of snow, glitters, ornaments, summing impressions, planning, good food, forgiveness and joy. December is actually a haven for hedonists. Decemar is ideal for the beginning and the end. In December somehow easiest way to to get rid of all your concerns but also to look forward to all those little details that mean life.

We’ve made a list of 10 things that everyone has to do this December – as December does not become a magical itself (ok magic of the holidays a little push, but the rest is your job 😉

  1. Try something new. No, do not buy something new , you can try something new. Try to read something that you never think it can interest you, try a new recipe, changing some habit. Only new things may remind you to really live. Get out of this circle of enchantment and magic start otherwise.
  2. Forgive, say I am sorry, forget. End of the year is the time to do it for yourself! Say I’m sorry if you hurt someone, forgive if someone _ did something wrong. Live for what is now and for the time that will be. Everything will pass and do not allow yourself to waste time and energy on things that might not be able to influence them.
  3. Instead of buying new stuff, clean your closet – certainly there are things you do not need. Part give the charity and the part you you can sell, so if you want you can buy something new .. Or you can…SquareLeft
  4. You can go on a excursion – to become a great wine taster, climb up on some mountain, take a walk next to a lake, visit a museum or a place in an environment that you want to see.
  5. Do something for yourself – spoil yourself with a spa day, a massage or do anything that will relax you and remind you how is nice to take caree and spoil yourself and how does make yourself happy
  6. In December lanterns and glitters are everything! Decorate the house, a Christmas tree, courtyard – let it all shine 🙂
  7. Make a plan for the forth the following year and remember the old plans. What have you achieved, what did not? Why? Do you still want the same things to do and experience? Buy or make the planner and go in-depth research with tea and cookies 🙂
  8. Decide if you have not already, what you want to do, with whom you want to be and where you want to be in the New Year’s Eve! December is an ideal month for a gift giving – make and / or buy gifts for loved ones, even if it was the only Coca-Cola with this new bow 🙂
  9. Visit the some festival or fair, have fun and learn something new. After that enjoy ice skating and all sweeten with hot chocolate, without that December must not pass!
  10. The most important thing you need to do in December it is to find snow and enjoy the magic that only he can give to us. If it is not snowy in your city, spend a day or two and go to the nearest mountain. Take a sled, skis, slippery and fall in love in the winter more than ever before 🙂

Enjoy preparing New Year’s magic! Enjoy glitter, angels, snow, Christmas decorations, New Year’s music … Fall in love with yourself, fall in love in December, fall in love with life 🙂 HAPPY DECEMBER EVERYONE 🙂


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  1. That magical time of the year! Snow, shopping and chocolate… thats all what I need this December

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