New Year's resolutions are bullshit

Yesterday was the first Sunday this year. We are all of course still under the impression of celebration, some of us will celebrate glory days and Christmas these days, so the holiday mood is still around us! An essential part of the holidays is a time when you sit with yourself and write or just think about what will be changed during the 2016.

You fantasize about to stop smoking, to go on vacation, to finish college already, to get a job, to travel Europe by train, to lose weight …. And really there’s not a single stupid desire! Magic lanterns, ornaments and tinsel somehow makes you believe that everything will be beautiful, perfect and that all of this will be arranged by itself.

We sat last night and talk about New Year’s resolutions. And then at some point the conversation gets the expected turnover – has to wait for this, has to wait for that … I will quit smoking after the holidays, the less I will eat after Christmas, there is no chance that I will get a job in this country … So people, if you are not started to win your New Year’s resolutions on 1st January 2016. I have to tell you – New Year’s resolutions are bullshit! There, I said it.

I am usually against foul language and do not use them in everyday speech. Whenever I come to curse something I think of flowers, spring and let the madness pass by me. But now I just can not keep quiet. I bet you’ve got a drawer full of desires that you can not fulfil because you think that something around you stop it. Then go through the holidays, you’re going back into a daily routine and you forget until the end of December, when it begins to be sorry about your unsuccessful wishes and goals and you have to sign over to the new paper instead to cross over them! You really want to live like that? You really want to live this year the same as the previous?
In particular, if you want anything to change in your life you need to understand that:

  1. Nothing can happen in one night! After New Year’s Eve things will not be changed unless you do not start to move towards a change … Which means:
  2. You have to take things into your hands! So you’re going from this point to start doing things that will lead you to the goal, but
  3. Stop thinking that if you fall you feel you’re a loser, if you really believe in your goal, and the way that you move does not bring results – it’s just a sign that you need to change your way! You can not go to Belgrade by airplane that fly to China!
  4. Do not expect much from the the situations and people, expect a lot from yourself! All New Year’s resolutions that failed, have failed because you did not try hard enough. I’m sorry!
  5. Accept the changes, BE A DRIVER FOR CHANGE – just be the change you wish to see in the world. Perhaps it is worn saying, but if you think about it you’ll see that on no matter how many times have you heard, it can motivate !
  6. Carpe Diem – Seize the day, stop saying TOMORROW I WILL, just stop saying things and stop promise to others and to yourself – go do what you have to do!

More specifically – if you now want to go on holiday, It will not happen that you’ll wake up tomorrow on the coast. You should first decide where you want to go and how you can get there. If it happens that you do not have enough money it is time to start saving! Airplanes and buses definitely go to different resorts question is whether you’re going to find yourself in one of them and it depends only on you! Are you ready to leave cigarettes to afford yourself a luxury trip? Are you ready to give up losing time and start to work more? Are you ready to make a difference not only in your life but in the lives of people around you? Are you ready to start immediately? If you are ready all your New Year’s resolutions will become reality. Imagine that every day you do five steps toward your goal? It’s 1830 steps that will certainly lead you to the to the place where you want to be! If you’re not ready to start right away, I’m sorry your New Year’s resolutions are bulshit!


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