One day at Belgrade

One day at Belgrade, as tourist

What can we say about Belgrade… On Wikipedia you can find a lot things about this city… Such as that Belgrade is the capital and largest city of Serbia. It is located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, where the Pannonian Plain meets the Balkans. Its name translates means „White city“…..

We decided to go to Belgrade for a weekend.. We were curious… Is it possible to manage and have a great weekend in Belgrade without friends and acquaintances instructions and tricks of how to get here, how to get there …?


Two weeks before the trip we started to explore. We investigated where is good food, accommodation, place for night out … What you can see and visit for the weekend? Of course we used the knowledge of friends and relatives who live in Belgrade. Of course, all people are different so they recommended what is the best for them! From all this information, we have chosen everything we want to see and visit in our sensibilities and we made a list.

  • A Walk through Knez Mihailova
  • A walk through Kalemegdan
  • Skadarlija
  • Visiting the Temple of Saint Sava
  • Coffee in CafeDoncafe in Usce
  • Ice cream
  • Eat waffles
  • Eat pizza
  • Eat burger
  • Go to the spa
  • Go out for coffee with a colleague blogger
  • Visit a museum
  • Go to the winery
  • On the way back stop by the Avala Tower

How much of Belgrade can be seen in one day?

Depends on the mood and the crowd! It’s simple 🙂 If you have patience, you can see a lot!

Our experience…

When we thought about how to plan this weekend, we realized that very few people can afford more than 2 days of rest. We know that people who work can not afford more than one day off, so we went on this weekend on Friday after work. In Belgrade we arrived at dusk.

At we found super cute suite – City Break Apartments in the city center. Whenever we go somewhere we choose accommodation in the center of things, because we do not want to waste time and money on transportation and / or fuel!

aparman u centru beograda

beograd apartman u centru

As soon as we checked in, we left bags and went exploring the wider city. Nikola Pasic Square, Knez Mihailova Street, Kalemegdan at night …. everything has a special, different note. Belgrade is most beautiful at night!

noćna šetnja beogradom

Interesting fact – We met at the beginning of Knez Mihajlova street X years ago 🙂

As soon as we got back to the apartment we fainted from exhaustion! Yet we forced ourselves to start Saturday at 6 am in order to reach everything from this list! First we naturally made coffee and ordered a pizza in order to get ready as soon as possible and go in action!

caribic pizza beograd

After breakfast we wisited History museum of Serbia and we enjoyed in details from Mihajlo Pupin life.


After visiting the museum we had an agreement with Anna, who write a blog about her impressions from traveling. We exchanged experiences about blogging in Serbia in a café in Skadarska Street. Skadarlija, naturally smells best of all in Belgrade 🙂

Then we need, we just need to wake up memories from Cyprus with a soft and juicy waffles at Harris creperie 🙂 This pleasure you have to treat yourself! Look at the picture and I quickly moving on this post or I’ll have to go to eat, because this looks extremely good! Oreo, chocolate and waffle …. NEXT 🙂

After the wafers always feels good to take a walk so we were a bit lost track of time oops 🙂

jedan dan u beogradu


The next thing we should do this is to enjoy at spa center, but it has started to get dark and we booked our table for dinner in Submarine BBQ. Hedonism is, as you might have noticed was the inspiration for this weekend 🙂

Besides tasty burgers, you can eat in the company of your pet, which we really liked, even though our dog was not with us this time!

jedan dan u beogradu hrana submarine bbq

jedan dan u beogradu hrana submarine bbq

With a good foundation we headed to Senjak for wine tasting! Now we give you only one photo to make you inquisitive, because more about this wine tasting you can read in the next post! 🙂

After the wine tasting, we went to the apartment. As for parking in downtown Belgrade we only can tell you – patience pays off! After 15 minutes we parked literally in front of the apartment.

Unfortunately when we woke up we were surprised by rain and fog. We realized that this is what we have visited and it is wise to leave the Avala Tower for a sunnier day 🙂 What can improve a rainy day better than coffee? 🙂 We went to our friends at CafeDoncafe in Usce.

After the caffee on the recommendation of the greatest experts of taste in Belgrade, we went to Pizza Bar, in order to complete this hedonistic weekend with the best pizza in New Belgrade! We waited for it a bit long but it was awesome!

najbolja pizza u beogradu

We wanted to vlog, but we did not have time for anything except to eat, if you understand! As you can see we were not able to tend to everything that we wanted, so we plan to visit capital again, when the weather become better and spring comes. When it comes to Serbia, the next stop is the Novi Sad! See you in Novi Sad #NewNow 🙂

Saša & Ana-Marija



  1. On what Skadarlija smells?

    1. On ćevapi and other Serbian domestic food such as sarma and pljeskavice (something like burger, but better 🙂

  2. This is awesome I love Belgrade

  3. I understand why you didnt take photos of nightlife 😀

  4. White city my favourite in Europe! So many adorable places to eat, sleep, rave, repeat! :F

  5. Love this post! You are awesome

  6. Yeah, Belgrade, food, wine and dine, and night life 🙂

  7. Such a cute presentation of this charming city

  8. I love Belgrade. Next time I want to see river in the post 🙂

  9. Amazing place. One of the best in Europe, freedom

  10. Budapest and Belgrade are must visit in Europe in spring

  11. My cup of story food and city. Great

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