Zlatibor mountain

Put ka vrhu Tornik

Zlatibor is a beautiful mountain in Serbia, which you can visit at any time of the year!

Selo u okolini Zlatibora

If you decide to go when is spring or summer you will be able to walk, climb, and explore the vast expanse of pastures and forests. You will enjoy the view of the countryside, the villages, the smell of pine trees and your body going to be grateful because of rose of the winds!

Šetajte od centra Zlatibora do spomenika koji se nalazi na brdu Glavudža

Walk from the center of Zlatibor to the monument which is located on the hill Glavudža


Prošetajte se između borića i dišite duboko!

Take a walk among the pine trees and breathe deeply!

Pogled sa brda Glavudža

The view from the hill Glavudza

In the winter months you can enjoy in warm tea, boiled brandy or wine after a day on the snow. We believe that you can not sit in one place even during the winter months, even it can be very cold certainly you will walk a lot. It is known that mountain air can make you tired … However we spent days outside, and as we were on Zlatibor during the holiday season, we sat late into the night. Believe us, it was not difficult to get up in the morning before eight in order to see and experience new things that this mountain can provide!

Selfie 🙂 Kraljev Trg

Traditional dinner at the Hotel Iris

Couples can enjoy a romantic dinner! Walk while snowing is invaluable! Of course, for those adventurous there is ice skating, skiing, snowball fight, sledding! As you can see on Zlatibor you can enjoy in perfect holiday or anniversary party, can not be complete without enjoying one of the many spas on Zlatibor 🙂

Do Tornika...

Up to the Tornik..



Pogled sa vrha Tornika

View from the Tornik

On Zlatibor is Tornik which is the highest peak. Tornik can be reached through a nice marked road. Here you can ski, but if you’re not a fan of this sport certainly we recommend you to climb to the top of the mountain with ropeway because a view that stretches from there is really unforgettable! Of course dress well, if you go there on winter put a scarf, hat, gloves, glasses 🙂

Borova šuma

Pine wood

Hrane ima na svakom koraku...

Traditional Serbian food

When we talk about food on Zlatibor you will find traditional food from this area, but also pizza, pancakes, waffles … The King’s Square have a large number of bars and restaurants that offer entertainment for young and the elderly. Prices are European 🙂 Our recommendation is to be sure to stop by a restaurant on the road to Zlatibor 🙂

Ne propustite da posetite pijacu na Zlatiboru i uživate u delikatesima ovog kraja

Do not miss to visit the market place on Zlatibor and enjoy the delicacies of this region

Med i ostali proizvodi...

Honey and other domestic and natural products…






On Zlatibor you can stay in beautiful hotels, such as the newly opened hotel Iris (like them on Facebook, they are new 🙂 ,


or you can stay in private house apartments…


Whichever accommodation you choose is certain that you will be satisfied, because the people of this region are really the nicest in Serbia (personal experience)!
We recommend this mountain for all generations! Zlatibor will enjoy couples with children and couples without children! We had great time on this mountain!


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