Tell me about your journey – I’ll tell you what kind of person you are


JOURNEY – do all understand that word in the same way. The interpretation depends from person to person. The easiest way to meet people is while traveling. They are far away from home and will try to do what they could not otherwise. Even if they are hiding something, that something will surface within the first few days.

This is an open letter that will show you that there is no labeling on the road and there is no bad days while traveling.

Organized people, who can not let anything to the case will be packed days before trip. They’ll know exactly route and nothing will disturb them – the most important is that everything is going according to plan. What kind are these people really will see as soon as the plan start to disintegrate whit the first delayed bus or train. Some will then relax and some will turn into a dragon …

On the other hand, there are people who are casual, some would say campaigners, who are doing everything at the last moment. It seems like they do not care, but here there are two types. One who travels understood as fun and they really did not matter whether it will take everything they have written or what they have in mind. Others are indifferent to the world around them and they really would not care where they’re going or what is in their suitcase.

There are those who always go to the same place on holiday. Some are afraid to change the location, they love to feel like they are at home. On the other hand, there are a man who is looking for something new all the time, has a restless, indomitable spirit and hunger for learning.

There are people who like to eat while traveling. The only thing they care about is good food and none landscape can replace a full plate. Some people like to get up before dawn, to explore, to go without a goal to get to know the environment as much as possible.

All this is more or less known. You saw a lot nervous people in the transport, and met those who love gastro tourism. You know the ones who are going for decades in the same place, the same beach at the same hotel for holiday. And it’s all right. As a man, you can do yourself whatever you want to. You can sleep through the whole trip, or to enjoy the journey. You can spend the entire vacation out even if you paid all inclusive. All that things that does not endanger other creatures are just fine!

If you allow yourself to be arrogantly on holidays … If you allow yourself to be bad to others … If you hit the road and as soon as possible grab a bottle of alcohol or a cigarette … If you do not care where you throw the trash … If you open window to throw chewing gum in the middle of the nature reserve … If making fun of and torture animals that you meet on that road … If you live to break during which you will be bad and nasty to others … If you are willing to deprive another human being life for the photo. .. Then it’s time to think carefully about your life and how you live it.

Is it okay for someone to come to your house, as a guest, to extinguish cigarettes in the yard? Is it ok that your guest throw garbage at your street or to empty the ashtray into your flowers? Is it okay to let your guest to stick gum on the tree in the park near your house? Is it okay that your guest bother your dog, cat or bird just to make photo about doing something fun with animal just to post it online to get a lot of likes and shares?

OF COURSE IT IS NOT OK! If not ok, then stop acting as if the whole world is yours. Stop acting as all beings in this world are here to entertain you! You do not own anything except your mind and heart. The question is how you use them.

If you want internet sensation and likes, than make a fool of yourself or invent some patent that will help other people. Do not exploit animals! That you’re not in your country does not give you the right to act like a typhoon that came to devastate everything in their path.

The next time leave the birds bread crumbs instead of gum. Pet an animal that you find along the way. Throw garbage in the bin. Give a hand to locals and act the way you want to behave guest who steps into your yard. It is so simple. Thank you for reading this. If we are only one of you convinced that never again throw gum on the road – mission accomplished. Thank you!



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