zabranjen selfi selfie forbidden

We all know what is selfie. Selfie is the trend of makig photos of yourself. An effort to gain better photo, and caught something from the environment selfie stick is invented. How has this, selfie trend affected the whole world, somewhere decided to ban it, in this or that way. Selfie forbidden may mean that you can pay for it or you can even go to jail! Read which countries banned selfie, and then tell us will you do that in your country?

Braggies banned * selfie forbidden

  1. MEXICO – This country is not banned selfie . Forbidden Self is one that has not been paid. If you want selfie from Mexico, will have to pay money for it!
  2. New York – Take the picture with what you want, but do not even think to take picture with a wild animal such as a lion or a tiger.
  3. Spain, Pamplona – How is selfie dangerous tell us the fact that it is banned in Spain because it can happen to you that you get run over by a bull. It may seem interesting to run ahead of the stampede and at the same time you take a picture, but certainly it is not recommended if you want to keep alive!
  4. Mecca, Saudi Arabia – The spearheads of religion believe that flashes and taking pictures appliances interfere with pilgrims and divert their minds from prayer.
  5. London – large concert arenas banned selfie sticks because they are blocking the field of vision of other people who came just to enjoy the event.
  6. South Korea – the ban on the sale and use of illegal and unauthorized brands of selfie sticks can send you to prison for three years.
  7. Iran – Chief of the football committee prohibited players to take pictures with the fans. Because of the laws in the country and religion every girl could with the help of selfies sue players for harassment!
  8. France, Garupá – Imagine that you are arrested by police who fights against HOLIDAY spam – Spam holiday mean sharing the landscape and selfies from beach with friends via social networks …

Please note that some airlines banned entry of selfie stick as cabin baggage, because in some countries it counts as a weapon.
Now when you know all this … Would you somewhere ban or charged taking selfies?


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