postcards from venice

Postcards from Venice

Hello travel lovers!

It is time to fall in love with Italy! Today we are sending you postcards from lovely Venice! This beautiful town will put a spell on you! Trip Advisor will give you reccomendation which places to see and where to eat local! Today we are sendig you this beautiful postcards and remind you that is not everything in destination, there is something in journey too. The only advice we can give you about Venice is to go there in fall or spring and litterally get lost in their small streets. You will see canal (it not so smelly as they say:) and cross many bridges. You will see locals who open their windows whide open. You’ll see people who go to work in a hurry. You will see a mass of tourists with maps that race from place to place to snap one more monument… You will try the pizza with artichokes and you’re gonna like it. On all sides you will hear Antoniooooo, Lorencooooooo and noise will tire you. You will drink express quick espresso. You will see people dressed in ball gowns and fancy clothes, but also the chines with an umbrella 🙂 And then you will realize that even that you have 100 days it would not be enough to explore every corner of this beautiful little town and you’ll wanted to return at least once a year, again, and again, and again, to explore something new, to feel the smell of the canal, to be grateful, because no matter where you come from people are not so loud, nor the coffee drinks within 2 seconds 🙂 It’s everithing about Venice in short … now its time for postcards from Venice. Enjoy it 🙂









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