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Postcards from Verona

Hello travel lovers. Today we send you some postcard from Verona 🙂 If you are looking for inspiration for the next trip or honeymoon or anniversary celebration of relationship or marriage you are at the right place!

People from all over the world are flocking to Italy. In Verona rush love birds, but also those who are disappointed. This beautiful town is situated on the river Veneto. Yet what sets it apart are, regardless of the rich history, the legendary Romeo and Juliet. Walking to this city you will see Juliet’s balcony. You’ll see Romeo’s house. Do you believe in the legend and the whole story it is up to you to decide.

What is real is that Julia’s helpers exsit even today and you can send them a letter. Whatever troubles you, they will help you to overcome. Write about that or describe your great love and send it by letter addressed to Verona and Juliet’s assistant. No one has remained unanswered, but neither will you 🙂

And now we go back to beautiful Verona.

In Verona you will find a large number of brands in a street of cosmetics, makeup and clothing through to extravagant bags … No one will remain immune. Let yourself be swallowed by the streets of Verona and get into some local pizzeria. Whatever you choose will be abundant and delicious 🙂 Not to forget the ice cream. Take a walk up to the castle and enjoy the history and legends. Roman times in this city left many monuments. It is up to you to discover them. Honeymoon in Italy? Why not 🙂 Feed the love and spend the anniversary exploring Italy … history, legends, beautiful buildings and monuments … See our postcard from Verona, we enjoyed making them 🙂




razglednice iz verone



razglednice iz verone





razglednice iz italije

If you liked our postcards form Verona then you should make them live and watch our video from Verona 🙂

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