postcards from vicenza

Postcards from Vicenza Italy

Hello dear travel lovers it is time to enjoy because in front of you are beautiful postcards from Vicenza!

If you are looking for an ideal destination for your honeymoon or for a journey that will mark one of your year anniversary you are at the right place 🙂

In this post we are sending postcards from Vicenza! Vicenza is one of the most important industrial zones in Italy today. Do not let the entry to the city full of factory facilities weld you. The center itself is decorated with numerous churches and palaces, which are under UNESCO protection and because of this we believe that this city was unfairly overshadowed by nearby Venice and Verona.

Like in nearby towns in Vicenza you can surrender to ice cream, shopping, pizza and pasta while walking Castello square and admire the breathtaking buildings. This is a city of architect Palladium and everyone will point to his magnificent edifices, if you decide to explore its rich history a little bit.

We recommend you to look at our postcards from Venice and then go to explore this whole Italian region and share with us your impressions!

Razglednice iz Vićence






Razglednice iz Vićence



Razglednice iz Vićence


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