JOURNEY WITHOUT STRESS siguran na putu how to be safe on the road



Are you nervous when you go on vacation? While you’re sitting at the conference table in another country and you trying to reach a deal of life,are you under the table typing a message to your secretary to check if your children are handed over all the documents for the school trip? Are you stressed out while you are at the hotel because you are thinking about the job that you left at home? On the beach you can not relax because you constantly think about pet or the garden?

If soon you go to a private or business trip this text will be of enormous benefit to forget the stress and enjoy the endless blue, or fold the best business deal so far.


SECRET NO 1 – Always focus on the positive!

SECRET NO 2 – If you can not bring in the hands do not bring it!

SECRET NO 3 – Make a list of things to buy, pack and do before you go!

SECRET NO 4 – Get some sleep! Rested man is a happy man who is easily faced with everyday situations!

SECRET NO 5 – Have fun! Bring a book or listen to music that relaxes you while you wait to check in at the airport or while travelling by bus.

SECRET NO 6 – Hydrate yourself! Always bring water bottle with yourself.

SECRET NO 7 – Eat healthy! Fruits and vegetables are the best choice before the trip, forget about the abundance of unhealthy snacks and sandwiches.

SECRET NO 8 – Choose the clothes and shoes in which you feel comfortable. Forget the heels of 15cm and a pair of jeans that will prevent the flow of blood to the brain.

SECRET NO 9 – It can always happen that due to bad weather cancel a flight, a train can always be late. You need to be prepared ton that , so if you have a scheduled time you just have to go earlier just in case.

SECRET NO 10 – As long as you have on you credit card / money and passport everything will be ok 🙂


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