Review 2015

We were on Blogomanija …

Some have learned how to ski while others ski like a pro 🙂 We saw snow in May…

We played with the shadows

We had fun in the museums

We celebrated her birthday

We planned, dreamed …

We’ve read a lot

We fell in love again

We tried to eat healthy

We went on road trip

We met new people and assembled some wonderful cooperation

We ate a lot of ice cream 🙂

We met the beautiful landscapes of Serbia

We participated in some interesting manifestations 🙂

We celebrated his birthday

We enjoyed learning new things

We ate delicious food that we prepared!

We experienced a dust storm

We hung out with camels

Sometimes not everything went according to plan

We saw dolphins

Sailor does not go far from the sea

We met wonderful people who welcomed us fabulously

We realized that we all love selfie

We decided to spend a lifetime together and to have fun

Wherever we went we missed this hairy creature

We drank more than 1,500 coffee

We thought about other people

We married some people and we celebrated the birth of another 🙂

We continued to have fun

We fell in love with a beautiful autumn 2015!

We were reminded of some wonderful years and Novi Sad

We were in one of the most romantic cities in Europe

We relaxed

We enjoyed in pre-holiday-christmas-newyear magic

We have been creative

Show time! We wish to congratulate you on the upcoming holidays! From heart we wish you that in the next year collect as many happy memories that will be motivation for next years! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


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