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Today we will answer your question – HOW TO BE SAFE ON THE ROAD

Wherever you go, unless you are thinking about how you will have a good time, or that you will make a good job, it is important to think about safety. It is not necessary to feel like home but you have to make sure as much as possible to be safe. Today, people travel much more than before, some for business, some for pleasure. Many girls and women traveling alone the world, men also. Unfortunately, everywhere can happen something ugly and unexpected, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. That is why a lot of you send us this question: HOW TO BE SAFE ON THE ROAD ?! To avoid inconvenience follow our advice for the safety on the trip. Feel safe wherever you go and visit the whole world if you want 🙂

Here is how to be safe on the road…

  1. EXPLORE (do not say that you do not have time for this because it should barely take just an hour to check the place and location). You have to know roughly what is happening in the country you are visiting. You have to know the location and number of embassies. You have to know where the tourist info center is.
  2. Buy insurance – travel insurance is the most important item concerning travel! If you do not have money for insurance you do not have money to travel. Period. Not only that the money come back in case of an accident, you will also find out which doctor is closest to you. Almost every insurance now have call centers that are available all over the world, so if there’s something wrong you always have someone to contact!
  3. Especially for those who travel alone, but also for couples who are planning travel – go to the places with good and a lot reviews. You do not have to use Airbnb, Booking, Trivago and similar sites to book – use them for checking. Read reviews of guests or clients and then decide where you’ll be staying. Believe me wrong choice of hotel could make horror of the holiday!
  4. Leave some information about the hotel and tell a mini trip plan someone at home!
  5. Take pictures of your documents and post it on a DropBox to be able to access them from any computer. Write down on paper all the details of the transfer, transport, accommodation! It is important to write these things down because the battery can always disapear!
  6. Do not keep all your money and documents in one place. Keep them in weird places that no one would think to look!
  7. Dress like locals. Try not to look like a tourist and be relaxed! You’re not going to be shot, but to holidays 🙂 It’s important to be safe on the road, but it should be nice to have great time.
  8. Taxi drivers like to stray from the route to earn a little more … Download google map for the area in which you go and follow your vehicle to make sure it does not deviate from the route.
  9. If someone you met on the way called you to do something that you do not enjoy – say no and not feel guilty.
  10. In order to be safe on the road does not have to constantly be alone! Make friends, meet people, but do not believe them a lot. Be at a distance and keep the other away from your luggage and room!

Bonus tips for female solo travelers:

  • At least once a day get in touch with someone at home.

  • Have fake wedding ring!

  • Pack light and be able to carry your suitcase alone!

  • Never leave your bag to taking a picture or to go to the toilet! The smaller the bag, the better!

  • Avoid alcohol and drugs.

What are your tips to be safe on the road?



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