We reveal five secrets for successful relationship!

First we would like to wish you happy and full of love St Valentine’s Day and to send you lots of love and hugs 🙂 If you do not celebrate this day congratulations on Day of Wine. We always like to take the opportunity to enjoy in love and wine, and this day is perfect for it! 🙂 Our little love gift are 5 secrets to successful relationship that every couple should need to know!

Today you will read a lot of status like – every day should be full of love and you should share and show love whole year, not just today, etc. … We agree with that, BUT …

Behind us we have 10 years of relationship as couple. Soon are getting married, and our plan is to stay together forever. For all of you who follow us, we have prepared a specialty – 5 secrets to successful relationship

  1. A kiss and a hug 🙂 Every morning, every evening and whenever we say see you soon and whenever we see again. Whether it’s for half an hour or longer!
  2. Talking – yes, you need to talk about everything, literally everything. We know to sit for hours and talk about anything and everything. There is no important and unimportant things to discus about.
  3. Do not try to change your partner – both will be changed over time. Everyone has their own interests and hobbies. There is no need to do everything the same and to ask from your partner to feel the same as you. We are all different and that is supposed to be!
  4. Focus on all the things partner is done well. Really not the end of the world if someone forget a specific date or put a lot salt in the soup . Just a man can get carried away and we all have different points in our lives. Respect your partner’s needs and enjoy in beautiful things. Quarrels are ok, but never let it go, and go to bed furious! We in the bed never talk about the problems and bad things.
  5. A small token of appreciation means love. Remember what your partner likes and surprice them whit little things for no reason. Watch together a film that he or she likes. Give a rose for no reason. Buy his favorite chocolate when you are in the store. Do something for her or him. Many little things to show love mean a lot when you are in relationship for long period.

These are our five secrets to a successful relationship. We did not know all this when we started dating, just come to us eventually. Be tolerant, talk and love 🙂 Spread the love!



  1. True things. Love is all you need

  2. Patient, be tolerant and love 🙂

  3. Great post! You are awesome

  4. I guess it is individual, but these are equal for everyone! Happy month of love 🙂

  5. Respect the other person, and love him or her and you are on the right way to stay forever together 🙂

  6. All you need is love! Great post

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