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Human must remain a student when he becomes a teacher.

Each day brings with it some lesson. If you pay close attention to everything that is happening during the day you will notice that you see something new every day, you will notice that you are learning new things.

Knowledge is power.

Here is what we have learned new during the past week 🙂

  1. Electric screwdriver costs less than 20 euro, there is no need to bother anymore! ZK-ZK
  2. When you are often on the road and in the car you know how quickly the interior gets dirty and filled with a variety of crumbs … For these things classic vacuum cleaner can not help! A small vacuum cleaner gave his soul for this type of cleaning!
  3. Whenever you come across something that upsets you – ask yourself whether you will be upset about this in a few years. Probably it is stupid and probably you in a few years will not matter either you will not remember!
  4. As Dr. Haus said – everybody lie and everyone wants to tell you what they think you what to hear and what they think that you think it’s okay!
  5. When a human feels happy, all his friends within 1.5 km have a chance to fulfill themself with happiness 25%. So says science 🙂
  6. A man should show love for himself!
  7. Scientists have announced a mini ice age from 2020 to 2030. The cold is not very interesting even for a few months!
  8. For all it takes patience, but that something happened that you have to make a first step.
  9. When your eye is playing around, bouncing or similar it means that you are stressed about something and you need peace and relaxation!
  10. If you rub onions in the leg – within 30 to 60 minutes you will feel the flavor in mouth. Try hahahaha
  11. When you need quick awakening apple wins coffee! An apple will quickly wake you up before cup of coffee. We are changing the name in the heelappletie 😀
  12. There are two reasons why I do not like buses – I – once the plane fallen on the bus; II second time meteorite fallen on the bus;
  13. The Chinese have copied literally the entire Austrian town, Hallstatt and build it in China. Made in China
  14. Mount Everest is growing 4mm per year!



  1. You are great persons! This is great job to do!

  2. Loooove this category! Simple, fun and motivating

  3. People should be like you, positive, simple, fun and spontanious

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