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Human must remain a student when he becomes a teacher.

Each day brings with it some lesson. If you pay close attention to everything that is happening during the day you will notice that you see something new every day, you will notice that you are learning new things.

Knowledge is power.

If you every day, during the new 2016. learn something new, by the end of the year you will know 366 new things. And imagine that every day you make a few steps that will bring you closer to the goals you have set to yourself? It is likely that there would be nothing to what you would say that is impossible!

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether you are twenty or eighty.
For this reason, we decided to publish post every Monday about 7 new things we’ve learned in the past week!

Today is first Monday or New Year’s that came on Friday, so for now we only have 3 new things 🙂

January 1 – Always show that you care! Show your love! Show your emotions! Think of your loved ones even when they do not think of you! Stop to be angry and spread the love around!

– Say no if you have a problem with something or if you do not want to do something! Fight for yourself and your needs and desires, because if you do not do that others would always be more successful than you and you will always ask why always he or she or them can do that and I can not!

January 2 – Honey is called OIL in Serbia in 1900!

– Wake up the child in yourself – Drop downhill on slaves or bag, just be a child and have fun on snow!

January 3 – Try to beat the fear even if you have to scream in front of everyone. Life is really too short to be afraid of everything!
– Dare to try, even if you make a mistake it is not a shame, but a new experience and it is likely that you will learn something new!


What new did you learn in these first days of the new year? 🙂



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