learned new funny facts What we have learned when was the first last time you did something for the first time learn something new

Human must remain a student when he becomes a teacher.

Each day brings with it some lesson. If you pay close attention to everything that is happening during the day you will notice that you see something new every day, you will notice that you are learning new things.

Knowledge is power.

As we promised Monday is reserved for new things! Here are the things we learned last week

  1. Tenerife is the largest and most popular island of the seven Canary Islands. The capital is also Tenerife, Santa Cruz Tenerife!
  2. In Scotland, the New Year is celebrated according to the Gregorian calendar – 13.1.
  3. She is not always right, but she is
  4. Taxi cars in Serbia have TX at the end of license plates
  5. People are totally changes when travel somewhere – as soon as they return home return to their old habits
  6. I am not aware of things I learned today – over one day, we learn a lot, but we are not even aware of that haha
  7. We must listen when the girls, girlfriends or wifes talking to us about something * very important * , pffff



  1. It seems that lasts much longer than 25 years …
  2. When something stalling for months, and start doing and end up literally in 5 minutes! Beautiful and terrible feeling at the same time!
  3. In Japan, exist the train that goes for only one passenger – stops at 2 stations and drive the girl from home to high school. Amazingly to our terms
  4. This would be great to have – SUITCASE that follows you
  5. When you have a desire, goal, or whatever… it takes to become a person who will achieve that goal, the desire or whatever.., because if you are already that person you would have what you want and you will not much even think about it ??
  6. On May 29 in Europe and America celebrates put a pillow on the fridge DAY it is believed that it brings luck and good health household ???
  7. We have tested and learned that Facebook users much more prefer to comment and click to read articles with negative headline, while people from Instagram much more prefer positive things!



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