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Stay in Dusseldorf – Renaissance Dusseldorf Hotel – rewiev

Germany for the first time

Dizeldorf šta videti

Our first trip to Germany was followed by wonderful weather. We’re really lucky. In addition to the announced rain, we enjoyed a beautiful sunset during the flight and a pleasant evening in the city. Driving around the country’s roads is a real pleasure. Cars glide easily on the road. Everything is perfectly explained by signs and shortly we arrived at the reception of Renaissance Duesseldorf Hotel.

Where to stay in Dusseldorf?

Within a few minutes, very kind receptionist told us everything we need to know about the city. He gave us a map with marked all the sights and attractions that Dusseldorf has to offer. We also received detailed information about transportation, because we did not rent a car.

We avoid rent a car when we go on trips that are focused on one city. We like to go on foot as much as possible , rather than ride the car around. During this trip we used the metro only once and only because we were dead tired from walking, and it was late in the evening.


Tiredness has vanished when we entered the apartment and saw strawberries and chocolate heel waiting for us. Of course, Sasa want to eat it, but I managed to save them for now 🙂
We totally fall in love with new coffee thermos, because a longer day means more activities – and more coffee.

Why we chose the Renaissance Hotel Dusseldorf?

Renaissance Duesseldorf Hotel has a great location because it is very close to the bus and train station, so you come to the center for about ten minutes. Of course, we were on foot and it took us less than half an hour walk to the Rhine.

The hotel is built in modern style. What we really like about this is the panorama of the city on the curtains, so if you’re here for work, at least a little you will be able to meet and feel the city, even if you must stay in your room and work!

You know that for us breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We had no objection to the food, but we need to talk about the coffee! Many hotels can learn that filter coffee is not great selection for hotels with 4 or more stars. Here coffee is great, end much more greater when you have a black coffee (which should not be filter coffee!). So we can not help but brag! Really means a lot when with perfect breakfast you drink tasty coffee, just like at home!

Accommodation review

This hotel does not have a spa and wellness program, which is extremely important when choosing accommodation for a city tour! Why? Because you will not chase to arrive at the hotel before closing time and you will be able to enjoy the city from morning until late evening. And it’s really a shame to miss magical sunset on the Rhine, for anything!

WiFi is available everywhere. The hotel bar is lovely place to relax or business meeting with tasty cappuccino! Of course, we took the opportunity to enjoy in the garden behind the hotel, because it was lovely sunny day!

Renaissance Duesseldorf Hotel is great choice for tourists, but also for business people.While we were at the hotel in progress were several seminars, so if you are looking for something similar this hotel is a right for you!

We rested in a huge bed, and another plus is peace and good isolation, so you relax or work in total silence, which is very important to us when choosing accommodation!

Renaissance Duesseldorf Hotel has fulfilled all our expectations – More information about the hotel is available on their Facebook page-

Why Dusseldorf?

  • Because we have new direct flight from Serbia, Niš to Dusseldorf!
  • Because it is amazing town where fashion and art are mixed
  • Because of amazing sunset on Rhine river!
  • Because you have to try delicious sausages with great bear!
  • Because of a tower from where you can see whole city from the top!
  • Because you will have feeling like walking by the sea if you have lovely sunny weather and hot nights!
  • Because Mediahafen is known about clubs but also those strange borderless buildings

Find more about Dusseldorf in our next post!




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