Sunset sometimes really can be a fairy tale. This year colors played with the sky, and several times successfully managed to capture it. The sky is the most beautiful when the sun just comes out and when goes down. This is the last Sunday in 2015. Take advantage of the last days of this year and enjoy the sunrises and sunsets, is certainly that whenever you are it is going to be awesome! Try to forget about mobile phones and cameras , sit or stand and only watch how the sun goes down or rises up to the sky. Believe it will be worth to get up in the dark or to bring your favorite person for a walk just before sunset, no matter how cold it is, these images will certainly heat you up!

Sunsets which made us breathless in 2015

zalazak sunca

citati o putovanjima / travel quote

IMG_2033 (2)

izlazak sunca

IMG_2006 (2)

planina goc mountain goc


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