January. Fastest month of the year 🙂 Month of holidays, entertainment, good food and friendship is done 🙂 it’s time to summarize.

  • What marked the month of January?

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And this January, we experienced many new things, so we can sort out driving by train Sargan Eight and wine tasting at the winery Panajotović with discovering the secrets of the Roman underground city as things you MUST EXPERIENCE IN SERBIA without excuses!

The worst thing in January – parking in Belgrade! Really congratulations to people who live there and who every day, many times are fighting like the lions for parking spaces.

The best food in January – definitely homemade sarma. Nothing can surpass it 🙂 But we are delighted that we have found a place where we evoked memories from warm Cyprus with delicious waffles that taked us back to the coast!

Best drink in January – wines from winery Panajotović, because they have a story!

Favorite quote that we discovered in January – I’m not sorry they stole my ideas, I’m sorry because they do not have their – Nikola Tesla

What we wanted to do in January and we did not make it? ICE SKATING! We slipped it more than 10 times and we are not happy about it!

It’s been a very interesting month. We hope that it outdo February! How did you spend in January?

It is time to think of the month of February, download Calendar (on the left side see how it looks like 🙂 and highlight your special events, plan your travels … 🙂

For February is valid, that no matter it is the shortest month, the longest lasts! Also, February is the month of love, so be sure to enjoy it as much as you can!


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