How many times has happened to you that your travel agency offers ultra mega giga good and cheap offer of only one hundred euros or less and that ye have enthusiastically embraced happy and satisfied with what you do as well. And then you go so happy to pack you stuff, you dream about what you will visit, where you’ll go … And then shock – the price of a single meal or tour will cost you more than travel and accommodation! As always we talk, we live in the information age! And to get good and quality information you need to make an effort – not to say that you need to earn it.

If agencies and agents do not want to give you information, and they should have them in the palm of hand and to offer them to anyone who wants to use their services, there is an alternative. Of course, whenever you are planning a trip it is useful to know how much more or less you will have to spend and how much it costs – roughly. There is a website where you can find out how much are costs of life in the city in which you go – indicative prices of milk, meat, tourist attractions, tourist tour … You can find out whether is a place you go dangerous or not, the cost of a taxi or fuel and so, depending on your interests, you can find all sorts of information. You just have to click on select a country and city, and use information you get. All of this is free. Be collegial and when you return from a trip, do not forget this site, but send updated information in order to other people have benefit as you.

Now here is the list of cities for which various sites, journals, and researchers claim that in 2015 were the cheapest in the world, and that the situation will not change much even in 2016.


Cheapest cities in the world:

Bucharest, Romania


Mumbai, India

Mumbai je jeftiniji od Beograda za više od 22%
Cheaper than Belgrade 22% and more

Sofia, Bulgaria

najjeftiniji gradovi

New Delhi, India

new delh

Bangkok, Thailand


Beijing, China


Budapest, Hungaria


Nairobi, Kenya


Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilinius has something with ring – The Lord of the Rings 😉

Istanbul, Turkey



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