This year was marked by fun and beautiful things. However, we are all people who work and make mistakes and other things like that. Today we share with you the most embarrassing awkward moments we experienced during this year! It really would be a shame to forget them 🙂 It’s time to have a good laugh! So let’s start!


1. On Cyprus has happened to us for 7 days, in a row, in the same market return change of the Turkish lira instead of the euro. Yes, we have not figured them out whole week!

2. She has tried to learn to ski at the minimum descent on mountain — around 500 times in one day she climbed up and skied down. After 501 times she figured out that she is doing that in front of the cafe …

3. We went to the beach, happy to carry with us only one towel. He happily hid the key in the terrace to which no one but us can come. We realized that we need a key to get into the garden as soon as we turned into another street.

4. When we went to DoncafeCafe, to the #espressoyourself #napravisvojurazglednicu event 5 times we missed the entrance to the parking of Usce, and is in the meantime she got women’s issues and had to buy a pair of jeans at 10 to 12! Good thing is that we started our journey about 6 hours earlier so we were not late! 🙂

5. While we bought souvenirs in Viminacium she noticed on the floor of a huge game on something is the size of a military tent wing. The character who works there told her that it was a game and that are for sale in a box (size for those games like – do not be angry dude). She completely coolly asked how that big carpet from the floor fit in that little box …

How did you spend this year? Do you have something to share with us? 🙂


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