Tourism trends

Everyone who have connections with tourism (tourism organizations, agencies, hotels, restaurants, museums, shopping centers …) are doing their best every year to attract more tourists by various campaigns and presentations. Many places we have not been available before, are now within our grasp. Thus, for example, Abu Dhabi in 2015 recorded the highest ever tourist visits, and also rarely that you will find tourists who will complain at this city! They did their best and adapted to trends and most importantly they offered to tourists what they have! Ask yourself whether you 20 years ago thought of Abu Dhabi as a place to vacation? Not really … credit for that goes to tourism trends.

Tourism trends – Who sets tourism trends?

Without thinking, trends in tourism YOU set! Yes, exactly. By completing various surveys, review hotels, restaurants and other facilities … travel writing and blog posts … Discovering feelings … All this when the puree soup obtained trends that no serious worker and a leader in the tourism and hospitality industry will not ignore! Enough theory 🙂

Let’s see what are the trends in the tourism industry for the year 2016!

Which countries people want to visit?

  • Australia, Canada, England, Turkey, Italy, France, Japan, Thailand

Why do people travel?

  • Meeting new people
  • Meeting other cultures and religions
  • People travel to rest
  • Partner travel to become closer
  • Solo travelers going abroad to find themselves

What people want to do while traveling?

  • On trips people want to buy! Shopping has always come first
  • On trips people want to visit local cultural and historical monuments and museums
  • On trips, people want to eat in the most popular restaurants
  • On trips people want to explore the nightlife
  • On trips people want to visit religious monuments

There’s a thin line between work and travel. More than 20% of passengers combining business and pleasure on trips.

Top things to do are

  • Backpacking
  • Water sports
  • Sports events

Payment is usually done by credit card (Visa, etc.) that has just designed for travel. People limit themselves before they go on trip, and all the less consumed over a certain budget! People increasingly realize that it is important to plan and budget their entire trip! Many offer at the last moment (last minute) collapsed in 2015. And in 2016 it is expected the same trend, because of that many agencies have begun to sell arrangements for 2016 in November 2015.

It is interesting that this year people prefer trains rather than planes!

When we talk about Serbia this year crown goes to Danube river!

Now that you know the trends in tourism for 2016. You can plan your vacation. If you do not like to follow trends pass the above mentioned countries and activities in order to avoid the crowds 🙂


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