Since the internet forum exist, there are no more legends that something happened to someone. Everything remains recorded and you have access to the information until the owner decides to shut down a website / forum. In the end, in extreme situations sometimes work print screen so that bad news can always circling on the Internet. Travel agencies greatest sins can be foums on forums are they are described in details!

People trapped at the airport in Egypt

The agency was booked to me a good date but the wrong year

Hotel is not like on the pictures they showed me in the agency

The hotel has no pool and it is dirty

We were placed at the foot of the mountain, is was close to the beach but the city center was 2 hours away by public transport

These and similar topics are circulating on the Internet. People naturally referred to the exact name of the agency. And so we come to the conclusion that travel agencies make mistakes, that ordinary tourists, especialy someone who travels frequently,will not forgive.

What are the travel agencies greatest sins?

  1. Unprofessional agents – when someone says they want to go to Italy to eat pizza and do not want to see the sea – a travel agent should recommend the towns or cities but not only to give the client the prospectus / catalog of Italy. All that stuff people can find online. He who asks a question expecting an great answer. If he does not get the answer he will find another person who will give him an appropriate answer.
  2. Pictures from the Internet – you can not download the photos from the internet and use them as your own! How do you know that someone did not use photoshop? How do you know that this is the exact location for which you claim to be? Do you have permission to use this photo to sell something? Stop what you’re doing for sure there are much better ways to reach a professional and attractive photos!
  3. Incorrect information – none of you are not required to know all the countries of the world as your palm. BUT if someone asks for basic information about the city that wants to go to, and a place you have to offer, I do not understand how you can not know whether there is a store nearby, museum and so on. Ok those information can be found on the Internet, but you are supposed to prepare them for the client. If someone decided that he wanted to travel with help of an agency, it means that he do not want to google things!
  4. Let’s pretend that Internet does not exist – first you download the pictures from the Internet, then share information they may not have been accurate, and you tell your client things like – will see when you arrive. You have approximate information like how far is the beach, ski lifts … 500m and 2000m are not the same! It is not the saim to walk up the hill and straight! How is possible that hotel you offer have a pool but in reality (and on the Internet) there is a garden ?! Accept the existence of the Internet and take advantage of all its benefits! It is necessary to be active on social networks, but you can not post other people’s photos as your own and expect likes, heart and so on. Some things go viral, but the content must be unique! If you do not know what it means go to training or hire someone who knows that!
  5. At this point – you need to understand that thing that was true a year ago does not necessarily mean that it is now exactly as described. You already know that stores and places open and close in short time. Some hotels are renovated, some decaying … If you offer something YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW IT LOOK LIKE NOW, when you send your our client there! Do not you aim a satisfied customer who will recommend your to friends and family ?! And no, you can not Google hotel and believe the things are as they say they are, because you know that is usually not the true!
  6. Old customers – you have people who are traveling with you from the opening of the agency and it is awesome. Stop taking them more money than it really costs! If prices have fallen, they fallen for all and not just for new customers. Maybe your customers are not interested in other agencies and it is easy for them to come to you and finish the job for a few minutes, but if they find out what you are doing you will lose a lot more than the old clientele. Eventually it will pass by other agencies and will see a drastic difference in price. They’ll be in front of the museum and will see the real ticket price (if they not google it before the trip). And believe it or not people meet and talk to eachother when traveling!
  7. INSURANCE and CONTRACT – for which reason it is difficult for you to say before the conclusion of the contract all about the hidden costs that the client eventually has to pay if he wants to go on a trip? What kind of insurance do you offer to passengers? Why they can not elect insurance and why do not you tell them what exactly insurance covers or does not cover?
  8. Ignoring the wishes of the client – if you have been called or client came to your agency he wants to pay for your service, but also wishes to realize all of their desires about trip without stress. Start to adjust to your customers because no one wants a classic vacation, everybody wants to have and experience something special. You can not sell everyone the same travel arrangements, as not all people are the same. Someone wants a historical tour, other a romantic dinner on the coast. Someone wants champagne in the room, for someone the room is not important. Someone wants an adventure … Adjust to customers already and listen what your client have to say!

For all these reasons more and more often it happens that people make their own travel arrangements and individual tours, even if they have to pay more than in agency. Many say – better to _make a mistake, but to charge me what I do not want … Freedom or something else ?! Who is doing that will make a mistake , but is it time to fix some things finally!For these travel agencies greatest sins there are no excuses – it is bad situation in country, we can not do that now, in theory is easy, but in practice it is difficult and so on. In the end, agency will have a lot of last minute arrangement that can not sell and this directly reflects on their work, not only the loss of money, but also the trust of clients. You do not have much time to make an impression, people live fast and the client wants fast but amazing service. Start listening to us.


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