travel worst tips najgori saveti o putovanjima ikad


How many times it happened that while planning a trip experiencing advice with which you disagree? A bit from the life, a little from the online forum, a little from the social networks … We gathered the travel worst tips, ever! Some are merely prejudices, and some simply are not true.

On these tips do not pay attention, when preparing for a trip! These are travel worst tips you’ll ever hear! It is best to forget them as soon as someone mentions it!

Note: These tips do not go from bad to worst. All are equally terrible and almost never true!


  • Do not eat food from the street! / Do not drink water from the tap!

Imagine someone comes to Serbia and you tell him NEVER EAT HAMBURGER from the street! Do you really believe that the food prepared by the locals intended to kill all the tourists of the world? Not really … You can have a reaction to certain foods, but no one wants to kill you!

WATER – depends on location! There are places with crystal CLEAN, spring water, which can not be compared with bottled water because it can be very HEALING FOR BODY! When the islands are concerned, mainly the water is bad, so it is recommended boiling or bottled. In any case, ask before you go about water quallity!

Bonus: Always before trip, take some probiotic! Consume it in the first days that the body gets used to the new food and water and you will not have problems with stomach!

Listen to your body! If you have food you do not like or food that is doing bad things with your body, do not eat it! Simple as that!

  • Do not / you can not travel alone

The first time when you step into the airport or bus or train station you will see the millions of people who go alone everywhere! There are destinations that are dangerous, but 80% of the world you can see alone! For destinations that are dangerous not even travel with someone are not a guarantee that is safety! So, if you do not have company but want to go somewhere – just go for it!

  • WAIT

Wait till you have more money … Wait until your friend is able to come with you … Wait a summer to come … Wait that little children grow up … Wait while the situation in the country become better… While waiting you lose good offers! Money comes and goes, but it is certainly not crucial for a fun and inspiring trip! While you wait, you may spend your life in waiting!

  • You do not need a guide you have everything on the Internet

First, you do no have everything online. Second, the guides are excellent books to shorten the time spent in transit. Third, a hired guide will always reveal a secret more about a particular place! And whom are you going to ask if you want to know more?

  • Do not plan your trip / You have to plan everything in detail

People go from the one extreme to another, so they recommend what they do! On the journey for pleasure you need to go informed and guidelines. Find what you could visit, but do not make the schedule! You are not going to work, relax. Explore. Have fun!

  • Do not talk to strangers and locals / Trust no one

Okay, you need to be careful … BUT … Many, many more people like to know where you came from and why did you choose their place to rest than there are those who would rob you, rape and kill! How you will learn how live the locals if you can not contact one of them?

  • Always carry your passport with you

The passport remains in the safe and room. Carry a copy of your passport!

When you do not provide travel insurance there is a much greater chance that something bad will happen – Murphy’s Law! In any case, does not have to happen anything, maybe only toothache, excessively! Dental treatment abroad can cost you several thousand euros. Yes, you read that right – of thousands of euros! Insurance will easily cover the cost.

  • Pack up everything you might need

Stop to pack as if you never go back! Pack only the essentials and only what you really use! There is no point to wear jackets and boots on 40+! Let the case be easy and mobile! If you miss something there are shops, boutiques …

  • You will easily find accommodation when you get there!

Do not to do this! You have no idea how many times we saw people who sleep on bus and railway stations. We’ve seen many people who are with children sleeping in cars in Greece … There are apps for last-minute bookings, but who can guarantee you that you will find Internet around? At least accommodation you can organize before trip 🙂

  • There are going only old people / Do not go there, it’s boring

Boredom is subjective feeling! If you like some destination, go and visit it destination is … ANYWHERE, even in the spa and medical tourism does not go only old people!

If you love something and if you have great experience with help of agencies that organize all your trips, why listen to those who tell you to plan your own? If you are weak in the organization, there is no need to go on a trip without agency help! They are here to help you to go on trip and and have a good time without stress and worry! On the other hand, if you like to plan on your own and if you’d prefer it more, there is no need to listen to those who always go through an agency? Every man fits something else! Find what suits you personally!

Have you heard any worse advice lately?

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