what to visit in serbia 2017

What to visit in Serbia 2017

Where to go when you come to Serbia / Explore Serbia 2017


Did you know that Serbia was first mentioned by the Greeks in the 10th century? Probably not, but what we know for sure is that Serbia is full of beautiful places. Each place has its own legend and long history.

Explore Serbia in 2017

It is time to learn something new and get familiar with this amazing and rich country. First check out photos of a few sights that will make you wanna go to Serbia right now!

Go find out where you can go in Serbia in 2017 / explore Serbia 2017

  1. Kopaonik – the most famous mountain in Serbia and the largest and most developed ski center. Kopaonik ski center in 1981 received the status of a national park. Kopaonik ski resort covers an area of about 62 km of trails and ski routes arranged for alpine and Nordic skiing.
  2. Zlatibor health resort, recreation center, ski center and numerous cultural events. Zlatibor has a number of picnic sites and is connected with many tourist destinations such as the Wooden Town, Sargan Eight, Visegrad, Tara, Drina Regatta, Tornik …
  3. Drvengrad Wooden Town – known as Kustendorf, ethno-village (in the urban form and structure) in Serbia – Zlatibor district. Kustendorf is situated at the crossroads of Zlatibor and Tara. The streets in the village are named after famous figures of culture and science. It has the status of a city hotel with four stars.
  4. Aranđelovac aqua park & spa centar hotel Izvor & Bukovicka spa – Bukovička spa has a magnificent park, which covers an area of 21.5 ha. In addition to the beautiful flower alleys and numerous rare species of trees in the park is a permanent exhibition of marble statues, the most famous domestic and foreign authors. Hotel Izvor has a relaxing spa center and swimming pools with mineral water. For adrenaline junkies, in summer there is an aqua park.
  5. Silver lake known as the Serbian sea. Here you can enjoy in nature and fishing, not just on the lake, but also on the Danube. There is an aqua park, so this is an ideal destination for summer. Also nearby are Ram fortress and the old Roman city Viminacijum.
  6. Novi Pazar experience something different in Serbia. Here you can eat amazing kebabs (cevap) and also to try a fantastic Turkish coffee they prepare on the hot sand. Prices here are very low prices, so for 2 coffee and juice you will pay a little more than 1 euro.
  7. Soko Banja – soko town you go old and return yang. Spa, river, aqua park and plenty of places to hike in untouched nature. Waterfalls, caves, ethnic restaurants, the wind roses. This is a place where you will be entertained every day all day, but you can also choose to spend all the time in relaxation and walking around center.
  8. Prirodnjački muzej Svilajnac if you want to familiarize yourself with the history of the world and learn much more go to this museum. Entertainment and sciences in one place. Here you can spend the whole day and in the end you will be sorry to go because you still have something more to see, do, learn… Dinosaurs never bored 🙂
  9. Mlava Springfor us, this is one of the most beautiful places in Serbia. Entitled zen place where there are not many tourists, and it is so nice that you want to sit down and look at the turquoise water for hours. Nearby is a restaurant where you can taste fresh trout. Also, nearby is the spa Zdrelo, as well as numerous monasteries.
  10. Golubac fortress – it will be to be completely restored soon. If you go to Djerdap, do not miss to visit this queen of the Danube.

Still in doubt, check out this video!

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