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Human must remain a student when he becomes a teacher.

Each day brings with it some lesson. If you pay close attention to everything that is happening during the day you will notice that you see something new every day, you will notice that you are learning new things.

Knowledge is power.

January is officially over! Here you can see what is pointed out as the the most popular in January! We wish you a nice and successful February, the month of love and wine 🙂 What we learned new in January wrote here, and so we will continue in this month!

What we have learned new in last week of January?

  1. There are people who work 8 hours a day and then spent 8 hours engaged in a hobby, without financial compensation, just because that make them happy and it’s awesome!
  2. Everyone wants to be happy, but not everyone sees happiness the saim . Men see happiness after their wedding, the girls see happiness in small details about the wedding!
  3. Coffee grows in the form of berries on the tree, which means that the coffee is fruit!
  4. The brain produces electricity to power a light bulb of 10 to 20 watts … I’m interested in how scientists figured out it and why we do not have chargers for mobile devices, on the brain,
  5. Espresso is not a special type of coffee, but just the way coffee is prepared and cooked!
  6. In China, is forbbiden to travel through time for contempt of history …
  7. Who loves vanilla should visit Madagascar! Madagascar is the largest in the world market leader in the export of vanilla.



  1. Parking in the city center of Belgrade at weekends is a challenge!
  2. There are people who love their work and when they talk about it, not mention profit but the satisfaction that feel while working!
  3. The best food is not necessarily the most expensive!
  4. If you have a jacket with 12 pockets be ready to be hated of the nervous cashier
  5. In space, it is impossible to produce sound
  6. People are used to driving cars in its country and abroad without navigation!
  7. Do not be an idiot, do not doubt at all!





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