Šta smo stvarno ostvarili

What we wanted and what we have actually achieved?

When writing the list of desires and goals that you want to achieve in the next year in December, you’re kind of enthusiastic! You think that next year has no end and there is no chance that anything you write and wish will not become reality! Yet the reality is a bit different and you wait 2 Monday until the end of the year to realize that time really does fly!

What were our goals related to blogging in 2015?

  • To transfer stiklakafakravata.wordpress.com on stiklakafakravata.com! –
  • To have more than 4000 likes on Facebook! –
  • Go to Blogomania! –
  • To make Instagram acc and to have 2000 followers till the end of the year! – Still not the end of the year, but we have about 1860!
  • We wanted to people comment on our posts! –
  • Collaborate with the Tourist Organization of Serbia! –
  • To spend a month at the seaside! – We were at the seaside 26 days. What is almost a month, so we declare this successful 🙂
  • Visit 10 places in Serbia we have never been before! – Svilajnac, Drmno – Viminacium, Idvor, Tomashevac, Kacharevo, Kovachica, Cacak, Maglic, Atomska spa, Monastery Nikolje – wow we did it!
  • Meet people from Serbia, BiH or Croatia, who blog and collaborate with them! – We met a lot of people but we have not established cooperation with other bloggers, so this is transferring for next year 🙂
  • Cooperate with any brand! –
  • Cooperate with any hotel!-
  • New camera –
  • Make someone happy with giveaway or text thanks to the blog! –
  • Make at least 10 videos for YT – We are proud of this 🙂
  • Write posts in English –
  • Our text to other Internet sites! –

Our blog on WordPress in early December this year turned 3 years! Spontaneously we got the idea to write the most about travel and coffee because we wanted to take some sort of online diary that will remain forever, if the Internet does not disappear one day 🙂 Also it was the practice work for her because she was always interested in computers and the Internet even more! Thanks to the blog he turned a love of photography into a brutal good photos! We wish to thank all people who read and comment on our posts. Thanks to you we have achieved a lot. In the next year we plan to be even more interesting and better, but that is for some other post! Until next reading …

Sasha & Ana-Marija


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